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Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
Job Description
Background:  Brakebush Brothers, Inc., is a Food manufacturing/Processing company, founded in 1925.  The company is currently involved in further processing (cook/freeze/package) of poultry products.  We do not raise, slaughter or cut up chickens!
What is the current shift schedule?  The plant currently operates on a 3 shift, 24 hour per day schedule.  There are two production shifts, 1st and 2nd.  The 3rd shift is used for Sanitation (clean up) and Preventive Maintenance.  Shift hours may vary slightly, due to work assignment.  However, day shift is approximately 5AM to 1:30PM.  Second shift is 1:30PM to 10Pm and 3rd shift is from 9:30PM to 5:30AM.
When will I hear from the company?  The company reviews applications once per week.  After screening applications, the company will contact applicants for interviews, based upon current/ongoing staffing vacancies or needs.
Are the openings full or part time?  The majority of positions are full time.  Plant positions normally occur in Production or Sanitation.  Most Production job vacancies occur on 2nd shift.  Sanitation openings are on 3rd shift.  The company does have a select number of part time positions available in Production.  These jobs work an eight (8) hour day, 2 days per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These positions occur on both 1st and 2nd shifts.
What is the expected pay rate for plant positions?  Entry level pay rates begin at $13.67 per hour.  After 90 days of employment, the rate goes to $14.57.   Wage rates range from $13.67 to $18.16 per hour.  Additionally, there is a shift premium of $.30 per hour for 2nd shift and $1.00 per hour for working 3rd shift. 
Is there an opportunity for overtime?  The standard work week is Monday through Friday.  When overtime is scheduled it will require Saturday work. 
What is the employment process?  The standard process for employment is:  Submit application-attend interview-Job offer (contingent upon successful completion of drug test, pre-employment physical and lifting test).
Where do I submit my application?  You can drop off the application at the receptionist or mail back to:  Brakebush Brothers, Inc., N4993 6th Dr., Westfield, WI 53964
How do I follow-up after submission of an application?  You can follow-up on an application by calling 608-296-2121, ext. 1277.

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