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Vocational Rehabilitation

Northwoods Inc.
Job Description
Role and Responsibilities:
The case manager is responsible for ensuring the provision and effective sequencing of necessary services to assigned clients, demonstrating belief in the rehabilitation and habilitation philosophy, and belief in the dignity of every individual.  Placement duties include working with funding agencies such as DVR on placement opportunities for clients, and assisting staff working on community job development.
  1. Follow all policies and procedures within the company handbook.
  2. Treat all others with respect and dignity at all times.
  3. Prepare and implement individualized written rehabilitation plans (IWRP).
  4. Develop and implement behavior change programs for the members.
  5. Cooperate with production staff in training client workers on work floor tasks.
  6. Provide individualized informal counseling and guidance to assigned clients as needed.
  7. Periodically assess and record client progress.
  8. Communicate the individualized rehabilitation plan to all pertinent parties.
  9. Work effectively and cooperatively with others.
  10. Assist the client to reach their maximum potential for independence.
  11. Plan and conduct conferences and staffing meetings.
  12. Prepare and maintain current, accurate case files.
  13. Maintain communication with your supervisor effectively.
  14. Complete all required paperwork with quality and timeliness.
  15. Transport clients to meetings as necessary.
Hours are M-F, 8am-4pm.
Benefits included.
Apply in person, email, or call 608-742-7114, ex. 237
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