Northwoods Inc. - Roadside Facility Landscape and Maintenance worker - Job Description - Portage Area Chamber of CommerceChamber Master

Roadside Facility Landscape and Maintenance worker


Maintain the assigned Rest Area (inside and outside) in a clean, orderly, safe, and sanitary condition through your own work with focus on landscape maintenance and improvements. Follow all policies outlined in the Northwoods Personnel Policy Manual, and all other published Northwoods, RAM, and DOT policies and procedures. Treat employees, clients, and the general public with respect and courtesy at all times. Garden, weed, mow, trim, prune and plant in Spring and Summer. Remove snow and ice in Winter. Perform routine maintenance tasks (painting, refinishing, etc.) Maintain a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License and good driving record. Obey all traffic and Northwoods transportation regulations. Transport RAM crews as necessary during all weather conditions, summer and winter. (It is expected that RAM Workers are capable and willing to drive crews in inclement weather.) Work with crew(s) as needed and assigned, to assure all custodial duties are completed in a timely fashion and according to established processes.